Basement goods lift, Queens Road

Goods lift.
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The Queens Road shop was built at different times, and had many floor levels, some not very far apart. This lift between the Electrical and Kitchenware departments was not only used for stock but was also used to assist customers in wheelchairs or infants in pushchairs!

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  • The only way a customer with a pushchair or in a wheelchair could get from the fitted kitchen department on the upper basement floor down to the large electrical appliance department on the lower basement floor was for a Partner to get them onto this lift press the button for the appropriate level then reverse them out. Customers nor Partners thought of this as anything unusual, in fact the customers were always very grateful.

    By Marion Hudson (26/04/2008)
  • How did the customers manage/use the lift and did they dread it or think it fun?

    By Jo Spence (06/09/2007)

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