Computer control room

Computer control room.
JLP Archive Collection
Computer control room.
JLP Archive Collection

Access was available to all terminals throughout the shop from this room.  The control panels had to be kept at a constant temperature so the doors were always kept closed and the room air conditioned.

The trolley in the first photograph, with the red wheels, was used to take a replacement cash register wherever it was needed.  They were very large and incredibly heavy in those days.

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  • This was always the secret room at the end of the corridor.  Only to be entered by the important computer buffs.

    I remember when being allowed in, after I went to work in Credit Management, I felt very special; but was quite dissappointed.

    By Jenny Hammond (26/01/2008)
  • To help keep the temperature down, the windows had a special heat repellent film stuck to them.  I remember being told how incredibly expensive this was!

    By Michael Horniman (01/10/2007)

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