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Trewins carrier bag from 1950s
Trewins carrier bag from 1950s

This carrier bag dates from between World War II and the introduction of the new style carrier bags in the mid 1950s; when they changed from brown on brown to grey and green.  The next change came in the swinging 60s when the green diamond design bag hit the high street in 1964.  That was a firm favourite with many customers until the new design arrived in 2001.
The bag, which is stored in the Partnership’s archive, is made from sturdy brown paper with a cardboard top and a piece of brown string to close it.

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  • I was interested in this article as, in a previous life with another company, we used to sell this type of carrier bag in two sizes at 3d or 4d per bag; and as a floorwalker we were reprimanded if a till did not have carrier bags.  Sales were all important!

    By Ian Hudson (10/08/2007)

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