The Post War Years

Pratts Partners enjoying a well deserved break in their unique back garden

Relocation and rearrangement

The post-war years at Pratts were characterised by a constant need for more space. Conditions were becoming increasingly cramped, a problem brought on simply by the store’s own successes. Gradually, departments were moved out of the original premises in a bid to improve the situation. The soft furnishings workroom was located across the street. The dress department was moved into an entirely separate shop further up Streatham High Road, and warehousing was developed at two further locations. Thus, departmental improvements were a common occurrence. But the main problem persisted. At Pratts, only a small part of the building went above ground floor level, resulting in selling space on the lower ground and ground floors only. Above that resided a flat roof. With expansion upwards off limited, rearrangement of departments was the tactic often relied on.

A ‘real’ garden!

Partners at Pratts did in fact enjoy one feature completely unique to the Partnership. When stewed apricots appeared on the dining room menu they were in fact home grown. Whilst some stores boasted roof gardens, Pratts had a real one! Located at the back of the shop, the garden came complete with pond, lawns, sweet peas, lavender, five apple trees, two pear trees, hollyhocks, delphiniums and the aforementioned apricot tree!

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  • I worked at Pratts from 1975 until it closed and I remember the gardens very well. I recognise some of the people in the picture: the first on the left is Jim Marham who was the section Mananger of display. The man in the suit is Rollo Persand, no matter how hot he would always be in a suit with handkerchief in the top pocket, and a waistcoat, sometimes he wore very outlandish silk waistcoats too, I don’t know how he got away with it as “business dress” was very strict!

    By John Roberts (03/02/2018)

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