Radio and television department

Televisions and video recorders.
JLP Archive Collection
Portable radios and televisions.
JLP Archive Collection
JLP Archive Collection
JLP Archive Collection

The range of radios, televisions, computers and telephones has changed considerably since these photo’s were taken.

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  • The first time I ever entered Trewins was to purchase a portable radio from this department.  The department was then in the old building, in the basement.  This was in 1957 when I was still at school!  I chose a Roberts radio paying about £12.  I was served by Trevor Kearey, who was a section manager.  He later moved to London as Assitant Buyer on Radio and Telelvision.

    By David Sheehan (29/10/2007)
  • You can still purchase a Roberts radio today from the Audio and Television departments. However, it will cost a bit more than £12!
    Trevor Keareys’ daughter Lis is a partner at John Lewis, Watford.

    By Jo Spence (29/10/2007)
  • I worked with Dennis Raistrick from October 1972 to October 1975 before I moved to John Barnes then Brent Cross.
    I have very fond memories of my time at Trewins working with Alan van der Pant who I see quite often as he lives locally to the branch.

    I keep in touch with Jon Bemment, Pete Laho, David Dunaway (he is now one of my retired partners – I am retirement secretary as well here;) Pat Driscoll and work with Michael Horniman and Richard Timson in the branch here.
    Does anyone remember me?

    By Peter Herbert (29/09/2007)

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