Accounts and Credit department

Cash desk where accounts were paid.
JLP. Archive Collection.
Credit department where customers opened accounts.
JLP Archive Collection
Front cover of the March 1967 credit booklet.
JLP Archive Collection
Details of the credit facilities available.
JLP Archive Collection

This is where customers who wanted to pay there account, open a Trewins account or to have extended credit arrangements for a specific item were taken.

The booklet shows what options were available to customers requiring credit in 1967.

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  • What memories of that cash desk.  It was freezing in the winter and so hot in the summer that Sister used to come down to check on us and dish out salt tablets!   By the time we moved to the Harlequin, I had moved departments – so didn’t get to try the new layout.

    By Jean Burton (12/05/2008)

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