Furnishing fabric department

Net curtains and trimmings.
JLP Archive Collection
Blinds and ready made curtains.
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Sample fabrics for made to measure curtains.
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Curtain rails, poles and accessories.
JLP Archive Collection

Curtains were available as ready made or could be made to measure in a fabric of the customers choice.  They were given a form to complete so that the correct size curtains could be made in our workrooms. These were then taken to the customer and hung onto their tracking if they wished.

Today, of course, you can have your very own Furnishing Adviser to help with all your requirements.

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  • Wow this takes me back I started as a JL Trainee at 16 and worked in furnishing fabrics and felt so important to sit behind the desk in the blinds section then I progressed to measuring and cutting the fabrics those rolls were so heavy ! Very happy memories of this place calling your DM By his title Mr Floyd but allowed to call him Gary out of customer earshot!

    By Katie.wingfield (24/11/2017)
  • I started working for Trewin Brothers when I was fifteen years old   (1945 approx.)  I went there as a trainee upholsterer.  My manager was Mr Page.  The store manager was  Mr Spillman, he was always a smartly dressed man.

    My work place was through the rear of the shop to buildings for the upholsterers, carpet department and the ladies who made the curtains and loose covers. At that time there were also french polishers and furniture repairmen. It was always a busy place.

    One of my first memories was going by bus to Radlett to hang some curtains and measure for a huge carpet which was sewn together back at the shop.  In those days you just went by public transport.  Bushey was classed as very close.

    On seeing the John Lewis web site and reading the comments from bygone ages, my memories returned of a happy work place or so it seemed at the time.

    I also in my dinner hour went looking for any goods being sold cheaper than Trewins [Never Knowingly Undersold.] If found it was worth in todays currency 12.5p in your pay and you felt good at that price.  Other memories are of the social section that was great.  These where run by the staff in the office.

    I still shop at Trewins (older people in Watford still think in that name) now known as John Lewis.  It is a smashing shop and a credit to Watford shopping centre.

    By Brian Widdowson (14/04/2008)
  • When I joined Trewins in 1958, the Furnishing Fabric workrooms were over the despatch department at the rear of the shop.

    This relatively new building also housed the carpet workroom, where three-quarter body carpet was sewn together; either on a long (approx 20 foot) machine or by hand by a number of ladies who worked there.  Broadloom carpet was only just coming in and was frowned on by managment.  You were not encourged to sell it, because it was not in stock and presumably we didn’t make as much money from it!

    There were about 30 ladies working in these workrooms, under the management of Mr Bailey and his number two Eric Studeley.

    By David Sheehan (29/10/2007)

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