The Grand Opening of John Lewis Peterborough

Both John Lewis and Waitrose Peterborough were opened on the 9th March 1982, when the Queensgate shopping centre opened itself to the general public. The pictures below give a taste of what opening day was like, but if you have any of your own recollections that you would be happy to share with us, then please feel free to contribute below.

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  • As a young Section Manager I remember moving up to Peterborough to the new branch. It was the first opportunity I had to move from home as Partners were lucky enough to be offered accommodation by the new town’s development corporation. I, along with several other Partners, moved into the new housing estate of Orton Brimbles just before Christmas and then set about preparing for the opening of the shop. There was a great spirit amongst everyone involved, working long hours but getting to meet Partners from all across the business. Many came just to help with the opening, others stayed and became part of the Peterborough team. The branch council was set up, social events were arranged and I was “lucky” enough to be the captain of the first John Lewis Peterborough Gala team. We went to the local Ferry Meadows to practice assembling stock cages, walking on planks and other strange things which we hoped would help us win some of the races at the Partnership’s annual Gala Day. It was great fun and those happy days of the beginnings of John Lewis Peterborough have stayed with me for over 30 years!

    By Judy Faraday (17/09/2014)

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