Waitrose Watford exterior August 1987
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  • I worked here in 1967/68 a Saturday job.  I got my first ever pay packet 27 shillings & eleven pence for a Saturday. I also remember a coach trip to Manchester to watch watford play, I believe George Best was playing it took some 8 hours to get there on a coach, full of smokers and petrol fumes from the engine, but they were happy days

    By Alan Robnett (15/12/2017)
  • I did work experience for a week there and later got a full time job, aged 16, for a year in 1984/85. I loved it there.  

    By Tracie Lowman (20/01/2012)
  • Waitrose Supermarket was housed in the former North Watford Odeon Cinema.

    Many happy Saturday mornings were the order of the day as we children from the Kingswood Estate arrived for Saturday Morning Pictures.

    Waitrose supermarket later became the venue for my wife and I to go shopping each Friday.  Great times always remembered.

    By Tony Atkins (29/06/2009)
  • Waitrose in North Watford was branch number 108. It opened in 1962 in a building which used to be a cinema. The main area of the shop floor was in the stalls with the warehouse up in the circle! The branch finally closed in October 1987 to coincide with the opening of the new Waitrose branch in Northwood.

    The site is now a block of flats and all signs of the old supermarket have vanished.

    I remember working there for two weeks to help introduce customers to the new locking trolley system which was brought in to prevent Waitrose trolleys decorating the local estate. There was a constant stream of young boys very keen to help customers with their trolleys. They realised that some customers didn’t want to return their trolley to the shop and, therefore, were able to pocket the £1 coin by taking the unwanted trolley back and locking it up for them.

    By Judy Faraday (13/08/2007)

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