Northam Service Building

Photo:Northam Service Building in the 1960's

Northam Service Building in the 1960's

By Jonathan Blatchford

Highly convenient

On the 6th July 1961, Northam Service Building was opened. Approximately 1.5 miles away from Tyrell and Green, the building was perfectly located. It’s very need for opening demonstrated the extent to which the department store had grown. Some of the workrooms which had been based at the department store could now be moved out, freeing up considerable extra space. The best attribute of the new building was certainly convenience. Previous warehousing arrangements consisted simply of a number of sporadically placed lockups. Thankfully this was a thing of the past.

Growing in correlation to Tyrrell and Green

Facilities for Partners at Northam were far improved from the increasingly cramped conditions experienced in the shop. Unsurprisingly, the new Partner canteen was a particularly popular spot. The warehouse was on the receiving end of numerous rebuilding projects throughout the 60’s and 70’s in attempts to keep the building up-to-date, and on top of the increasingly demands placed on it by a consistently flourishing Tyrrell and Green. By 1989, three years after celebrating its 25th birthday, the service building was relocated to West Quay.

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