GH Lee and Bradstones in the 1960’s

GH Lee Athletics Team in the 1960’s
GH Lee Netball Team in the 1960’s with Richard Crichton ( Manager?)

Memories of GH Lee Sports Day at their Bradstones Social Club in Liverpool. Photographs of Joan Biggs ( now Scott) number 95 in the Athletics Team for GH Lee. Also Joan in the Netball Team!

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  • Bradstones was demolished and a development of large homes was built on the site!
    I was a regular at Bradstones between 1967 – 1971
    I served an apprenticeship in Ladies Hairdressing…1967-1970! I have a lot of fond memories of Bradstones, I actually met my husband there 51 years ago.

    By Gillian Kelly (Taylor) (21/12/2020)
  • Hi Rosemary,

    Apologies, I have looked at our catalogue and have been unable to find any information about what happened to Bradstones.

    By imogen (30/11/2020)
  • Was Bradstones demolished or turned into apartments ??

    By Rosemary Moffatt (08/09/2020)
  • OMG – only just found this page about GH Lees — my family store.
    My G/mother – my Mother and myself all worked there – 1950 – 1968
    My G/mother was temp Social Secretary @ Bradstones
    My Mother worked in the Toy Dept and l worked as Saturday ‘Flying Squad’ then full time in the Cash Office.
    I spent most of my week ends at Bradstones – especially Sunday’s – the lunches were marvellous. Tennis on the lawn afterwards. The Sports days were wonderfully organised and l always remember the
    ‘ You are Mr Bradstones ‘ fun game – usually one of the management team were nominated as Mr Bradstones for the Sports Day event. All the children had to go around the grounds asking anyone they thought could be him –
    “ You are Mr Bradstones ! ‘ and the child that correctly found him was given a prize and it was announced that he had been found and not to ask anyone else the question – of course being mischievous we would carry on the game for most of the day. Oh how innocent childhood was in those days.
    I was so sad when Bradstones was sold to make way for new houses.
    Wonderful memories.
    Lynne Lodge nee Gorbutt & Linacre

    By Lynne Lodge (15/08/2020)

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