John Bew

Odney pottery staff c1950 (John Bew is seated in the back row)
John Lewis Partnership Archives - Ref. 2077/k/4
Some examples of more experimental Odney Pottery c1950
John Lewis Partnership Archives - Ref. 2077/h

In the 1950s I remember John Bew, his wife and adopted daughter visiting our near neighbour, Jo Bailey, every now and again.

My mother told me he was a potter, and that he was a troubled man. Towards the end of the decade, she said that he had probably committed suicide by drowning. At that point, his body had not been found.

I still own a simple pot, very much in the style shown on the web page. Whenever I use it for flowers, I remember him and his family.

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  • The man standing on the right of the picture in the jacket with large pockets is George Boddy, my uncle. He worked with John Bew and Frank Spindler at Odney Pottery until it closed. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the other unidentified men are.

    By Geoff Carr (05/10/2016)

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