Unexpected delivery

The unexpected delivery.
From the private collection of Jo Spence

It was my first Christmas at Trewins and I was told that on Christmas Eve everyone  could bring in some nibbles or drink to celebrate with their department collegues.  I wasn’t certain what to bring in until someone suggested a cake. That was it. I would make a cake.

Christmas Eve arrived and I made sure I was in the department extra early before anyone else.  My department, Toys, was situated in Ebenezer House, an annex not attatched to the main shop.  I had collected the keys from the watchbox and let myself in.  I put my surprise on the office desk and carried on as usual.

Soon, other partners started to arrive and they deposited their goodies just inside the office door.  Someone mentioned there was a parcel on the desk.  Just then, Ian Head, the department manager arrived.  He went to put his briefcase on the desk but of course the parcel was in the way.

Anyone know anything about this parcel?” he called.  “Yes“, I replied, “It’s a gift for everyone.” They all crowded round to see what was in the parcel.

What is it?”,Let me see.” I heard.  Then, “It’s not a parcel, it’s a cake!”

There was surprise and laughter all round.  Ian asked, “Where did it come from?”

That was when I owned up to making it and decorating it with icing to look like a parcel wrapped in Trewins paper.  Needless to say, by the end of the day, the cake was all gone.

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