Chronicle, 29 March 1952

It is interesting to note the change in useage of the English language since 1952.  Who today would think of using ‘permanence of tenure’ to describe our long serving Partners.

It is also interesting to see reference to ‘James’ Bakery.’  Does anyone out there remember who they were?

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  • I believe that my grandfather, Robert Monod, used to own and run James & Co during the Second World War.  I have an undated photograph of the shop front at 42 Queens Road.  It is likely that he sold the business to Trewins before retiring although I cannot be sure of this. 

    I would appreciate any information about the purchase held in the Trewins archive.  I will upload the photograph.

    By Tim Monod (18/09/2010)
  • According to the Gazette of 3rd November 1951:
    “On 20th October we gazetted the appointment of Mr C Kralik as Catering and Bakery Manager, Trewin Brothers.  We understand that some curiosity has been aroused about this Bakery.  The premises are adjacent to Trewin Brothers.  They were lately bought by the Partnership from Messrs James & Co., and the Partnership is trading in part of them under that name, a tenant occupying the remainder.  At the front is a baker’s and pastrycook’s shop.  Behind that is a small restaurant seating about 70.  Behind that again is the bakery, and the business includes a baker’s round.  The property has two windows, and a frontage of about 42 feet, of which the baker’s shop uses rather more than half. The total depth is about 100 feet. About 20 Partners work there”
    We are not sure when it closed.

    Judy Faraday. Partnership Archivist.

    By Judy Faraday (30/10/2007)

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