Toy department

Most children if not all children in Watford and its surrounding area knew where Trewins toy department was. Ebenezer House was the partners name for it but the children just knew it as where you went to have fun!

Pocket money toys was the most popular section of the department being the most easily affordable with whoopee cushions a real favourite. Next was the toy of the moment. Sindy and Barbie for the girls, Action Man and Lego for the boys. With, of course, the ever popular essential soft toy. Teddies out numbering the rest. Not much different from today.

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  • I remember those stairs, they’d creak as you walked up them.  At the top there were puzzles and outside sports equipment.  Thank you so much for this website.  I remember I saved for weeks to buy a swingball set.  So many happy memories.

    By Mark (23/09/2010)
  • I remember a customer attempting to return an unwanted game – Trivial Pursuit; which at that time (c1983) wasn’t stocked by the partnership.
    He couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t take it back.
    “But I’m an account customer “ he said!

    It took a lot of explaining by the then manager, Ian Head.

    By Jo Spence (02/10/2007)

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