The Years prior to the move to West Quay

The new gift department opened at Tyrrell and Green, 1992
The new gift department opened at Tyrrell and Green, 1992

Favourite for many

Just over a year after opening, Tyrrell and Green recorded a £1000, 000 turnover for the first time. In the years that followed the shop re-established itself as one of the principal shops in Southampton, profiting from a wealth of loyal local customers. Some even travelled from distance more often than not to experience the delights of the Barova Restaurant.

Expansion ambitions

Tyrrell and Green continued to enjoy considerable success and prosperity, and aside from some small refurbishment work and gradual expansion down Above Bar Street went largely unchanged for over 25 years. Then in 1989, the moderately successful Hairdressing Department was closed down to make way for more selling space. In 1992, a gift department was opened in a unit on Above Bar that had until now belonged to another retailer. Acquisition of the unit and the opening of the new department completed Tyrrell and Greens presence down Above Bar. Such a move highlighted the store’s unerring ambition to expand.

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  • I take issue with you saying the Hairdressing Salon was moderately successful! Under the management of Miss Charles it was very successful! And customers were furious when it was closed! For a very large area of the shop it made a profit which for the service industry was amazing! People forget how much people spend feeling great after having their hair done! Nearly always buying something, Also it closed in 1990 not 89!

    By Mrs J Small (14/03/2015)

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