This model of Cribbs Causeway effectively shows the grand nature and size of the operation!
The frontage of John Lewis Cribbs Causeway, completed by 1997

Make way for Cribbs Causeway

By the midpoint of 1996, the building of Cribbs Causeway was underway, and the new John Lewis department store was beginning to rise out of the rubble. The plan of the shopping centre shown below reveals the magnitude of the proposals and suitably demonstrates the strong visual and physical impact the site would have on the surrounding area. People would be inextricably drawn to the Centre and the branch.

The big switch

Meanwhile, across town, preparations were being made for resources and people to make the switch to the new store. Excitement had quickly spread as Partners saw plans of the new building. A visit to the building in late 1997 then sent them into euphoria as they witnessed first-hand their future place of work! In March 1998, it was all over for John Lewis Bristol, and on Friday 27th March 1998, it closed its doors to the public for the last time.

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