1980s Expansion

42-44 Queens Road

By Jo Spence

Photo:Trewin Brothers store c1980

Trewin Brothers store c1980

JLP Archive Collection

By the 1980s it was necessary to house the gardening and toy department in a shop further down Queens Road.

Ebenezer House                                                                                              From September to December each year Christmas stationery replaced the gardening department.  The building was old and rickety so became affectionately known as Ebenezer House.

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I worked in Ebenezer House when I started at Trewin Bros. It was great fun. All those toys!

To get to the main store for your breaks you had to go out at the rear,down a ramp, through the car park and then into the main back entrance. (You were given a few extra minutes on your break to allow for this.) No joy when it was raining or freezing cold and snowing! But a welcome trip in the summer.

The stockrooms had really low ceilings.  The wooden beams were covered with very thick sponge to protect your head, in case you forgot.

Christmas was my favourite time of the year when Ebenezer House sparkled with lights and decorations.

By Jo Spence
On 28/07/2007