Last photo shoot at Queens Road shop

Moving day

By Jo Spence

Photo:Partners gathered for last photo shoot.

Partners gathered for last photo shoot.

From the private collection of Sally Veysey

This photograph was taken on Trewins moving day, from Queens Road to the Harlequin.
Partners have gathered on the old store staircase for one final shot. Too many to mention; but the donor Sally Veysey is at bottom left in the blue dress.

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I remember that Sunday so well.  What a day of mixed feelings!  Sadness at leaving the old shop but we were so excited at the prospect of working in the bright and amazing new store.   I shall never forget pushing those trolleys across Queens Road, up the slope that seemed like a mountain and into the shop.  Those were the days. Jenny Hammond,Kitchen Planning and Credit Management 1979-1995.

By Jenny Hammond
On 08/11/2007

My lovely Nan, Lena Bird (standing behind Sally Veysey,) worked for John Lewis for over 20 years.  She was extremely loyal and would never hear a bad word said about the Partnership.  The Partnership were very supportive to her and my family especially when my Nan became ill.

I have very fond memories of Trewins, as a little girl, running down the slope through the bed department, then on to the service desk to surprise her and say Hi to the two Johns [Messrs Singlehurt and Mays].
Katy Wicks, Grand-daughter of Lena Bird

By Katy Wicks
On 18/08/2009