Emerson Bainbridge, humble beginnings in Newcastle

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By Jonathan Blatchford

Successful opening partnership

Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge was 21 years old when in 1838 he went into partnership with William Alder Dunn and opened a drapers and fashion shop at 12 and 13 Market Street, Newcastle. It was this initial partnership that paved the way for later success. Born in 1817, Bainbridge was the youngest of 7 children. At the age of just 13, he was apprenticed for five years to Mr William Kidd of Newcastle to learn the drapery trade. Upon the completion of this apprenticeship, Bainbridge left for London to gather more experience at Lewis and Allenby. Almost certainly, time in London gave Bainbridge a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve.

Upon returning to the North-East, Bainbridge went into partnership with William Dunn, forming Bainbridge and Muschamp, 11 and 12 Market Street, Albion House Newcastle.

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