Staff Trainers Conference 1967

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Trainers have time to relax

By Elaine Morris

Staff Trainers from the Department Stores and Waitrose Head Office attended a Visual Aids Conference over a week-end at Odney in April 1967. The photo taken on the terrace of Lullebrook Manor in sunshine after lunch before the group embarked on Don Chapman's (Reading branch) lecture on new visual aids being developed at his unit in Minster Street at the back of Heelas.  

I am unable to identify everyone in the photo but I do remember certain names looking from left to right.  Marjorie Wragg, Isabel MacConnell,Sylvia Delaval, Lorraine Goodwin,Eileen Jackson, Penny Chadwickham, Terry Freegard (centre of picture) Waitrose Head Office,Norman Mills (Central Vocational Training),  Rosemary Smith, Jess Bennett (Reading - Heelas) myself Elaine Morris (Windsor- Caleys), Janet Bull, Don Chapman, Ray Simmonds, Diana Green, and Ken Barnard a Central Vocational Trainer far right.  



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