Gradual demise, 1965-1977

By Jonathan Blatchford

A shortlived experiment

In all honesty, the Partnership’s experiment with specific Ladybird shops was precisely that. By 1965 the Partnership had had enough. Despite initial success at the Oxford Street branch, the decision to assist Ladybird in the opening of four other branches had shown to the Partnership that in this particular venture, success would be limited. The demand for school orientated children’s-wear was far too seasonal.

Ladybird and Daniel Neal combine

However, by the 1970’s, Ladybird departments had found their way into the provincial branches of Daniel Neal, the children’s wear shop acquired by the Partnership in 1963. Both Cheltenham and Bournemouth had their own Ladybird department. As can be seen below, the department was modelled on the Ladybird shop, but obviously very much condensed.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Gradual demise, 1965-1977' page


It was not until the closure and sale of Daniel Neal, finally completed in October 1977, that the Ladybird debacle was finally over for the Partnership. In fact, the end of all foreseeable relations was ensured when in 1984, Ladybird accepted a deal to hand exclusive rights to its brand over to Woolworths.

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